Blessed with a tropical climate that lures visitors all year-round, the Philippines is resplendent with natural and cultural wonders, truly a unique destination both exotic and international.

The Philippines are the second largest archipel in the world with its 7’107 islands and give you a wide array of destinations within the destination, affordable top facilities with Filipino hospitality as legendary and incomparable that always comes with the warmest smiles: MABUHAY!



There are countless destinations to see, islands that belong to the most beautiful in the world, adventures to experience and activities to do.

The Banaue Riceterraces – The Ifugao tribe of the Cordillera mountain range has built a magnificent piece of construction with bare hands and primitve tools over 2000 years ago that is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage.

The Chocolate Hills of Bohol – 1’776 limestone hills covered in green grass that turns brown during dry season.

White, black, brown, beige and even pink are the colors of the sandy beaches. But White Beach of Boracay was declared to be the most beautiful in the world with its powdery sand.

The Philippines is blessed with breathtaking nature: majestic mountains, volcanoes, waterfalls and an underwater world that is the center of the world’s marine diversity like Tubbataha Reef and the numerous diving sites across the country – endless available activities.

Richness in tradition and cultural diversity are manifested in the fiestas like Sinulog, Ati-atihan, Maskara, Pahiyas and many more which have a religious background.

The Filipino hospitality is legendary. They are sociably hospitable and welcome foreign visitors with a smile. Having fun and enjoying life is second nature. Vacationers will surely have more fun as anywhere else.



Facts & Figures

The Philippines with its 7’107 islands are located at the western edge of the Pacific Ocean and offers 36’289 km of coastline, inland seas and channels. Flat along the coast, valleys surrounded by hills and mountains mostly of volcanic origins.

Tropical weather with a northeast monsoon from November to April and southwest monsoon from May to October.

Of the 7'107 islands, only about 2'000 are inhabited.

The total land area is 298'170 sqm on 1’850 mm from North to South and 1’107 km from East to West.

Religion: 85% Roman catholics, 10% Christian denominations, 5% Muslims.

104 million (July 2017 est.)
298’170 sq. km
Tagalog and English are the official languages
Local time
GMT + 8 hours
Philippine Peso


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